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Chapter 25. Advanced Store-Building > Choosing a Server and an OS

Choosing a Server and an OS

The first choice to make when building with advanced tools and a large budget is your server and operating system. There are several high-end server products, including Open Market Transact, Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition, IBM Net.Commerce, Intershop, and Broadvision. Oracle, Netscape, and a few other companies also make commerce servers, but the five we discuss are popular with many medium to larger scale stores. Table 25.1 provides some basic background on those five products.

Table 25.1. High-end Server Products
Open Market Transactwww.openmarket.comVery high-end system that is used more to operate malls of sites and very high-end top trafficked sites.
Microsoft Site Server, Commerce Editionwww.microsoft.com/siteserver/A staple commerce server for NT-oriented sites, at a good price.
IBM Net.Commercewww.ibm.comA well-reviewed server that is available for a number of platforms including IBM's popular AS/400 minicomputer line.
Intershopwww.intershop.comIntershop is a top server from a European-based company. This commerce package is priced competitively and is used by many U.S. based companies, too.
Broadvisionwww.broadvision.comA strong commerce server priced between that of Open Market's Transact and lower-priced offerings from Microsoft and Intershop. Offers robust personalization services as part of its overall commerce package.



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