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In the spring of 1998, Peachpit Press published the first edition of Creating Stores on the Web. Now here we are, approaching the year 2000, and the second edition is hot off the press. Although the first edition received outstanding reviews and helped many people make successful ventures into the world of Web retailing, we think this edition is far better. We have a lot of people to thank for that:

Corbin Collins, our editor and San Francisco tour guide, carried us through the first edition. The lessons we learned from him back then hopefully made this edition a less painful process for him. He definitely made it an enjoyable piece of work for us. His attention to detail never ceases to amaze us. He even amazed us with the information that w is sometimes a vowel.

Peachpit Publisher Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, for giving us the opportunity to do it the first time, and do it better this time.

Production Coordinator Kate Reber and compositor Maureen Forys for making it all look so attractive.

The entire marketing department, who have really helped sell the first edition and seem extremely excited about this new version—especially Gary-Paul Prince who did more to promote the first book than any PR staff at any of our previous publishers ever did.

And everyone else at Peachpit who contributed to both editions of the book and will help this one be even more successful.

David Rogelberg and Sherry Rogelberg at Studio B, our book agency.

Justine Clegg, a valuable former employee of Digitalmill who is already missed. We wish her luck with her business, www.art-connections.com.

Sarah DeMarchi of TRUSTe, for allowing us to use some of her organization's documentation.

Krista Lee at Open Site for helping us understand their myriad of market-leading auction servers and services.

Warren Ashton and Molly Shapiro at iCat for keeping us in the loop and on the site.

The folks at Smartplanet.com who are helping launch a course using Creating Stores on the Web. We also want to thank all the professors, teachers, and trainers who have found this book useful for their classrooms as well.

Alan Sawyer, who helped us understand better than ever the nature of interactive shopping, and Leon Schiffman, who helped us understand more about marketing than most would care to know.

All of the people who contributed to the outstanding stores that are featured in the book.

Ben and Dave would like to thank Joe Cataudella for adding a voice of experience.

Joe would also like to acknowledge the help of David A. Bango and Dominick Bruno for their help in building Tronix and, of course, all of Tronix's customers.

Finally, we would all like to thank the many readers of the first edition, especially those who wrote to us, and those who visited www.storebuilder.com or posted recommendations and reviews on their own Web sites. Thanks for making the first edition (even with its faults) a great success.

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