• Build a balanced, integrated strategy for eCommerce leadership!

  • Brand, technology, service, market, development strategies, and beyond

  • A boardroom guide to the latest trends in eCommerce technology

  • Based on research at more than 40 leading eCommerce organizations

The senior executive's guide to e-strategy formulation, development, and execution

In this book, global eCommerce expert Dr. Robert Plant cuts through the technobabble to present the first balanced, integrated strategy for eCommerce leadership. Plant organizes every key driver of eCommerce success into a breakthrough Internet Strategy Effectiveness Scorecard that maps strategy to quantifiable metrics. Drawing on research at more than 40 top eCommerce organizations, he helps you optimize brand, technology, service, and market-and answer critical questions like these:

Brand: Are you an Internet brand creator? Should you use the Internet to reinforce your other branding channels? Do you need to use the Internet to reposition your brand?

Technology: Can you leverage technology to define a unique service and create barriers to entry? Should you seek to become a technology leader? How do you gain eCommerce advantage from existing ERP and knowledge management systems?

Service: What is your company's Internet service value chain? How do your brand and technology decisions impact your ability to deliver world-class service? How do you deliver eCommerce service that supports your value proposition?

Market: How do you define your online marketplace? How do you translate "bricks-and-mortar" markets onto the net? How can you partner to add flexibility and develop a convergent branding strategy?

Development: When should you outsource, partner, or create your own intrapreneurial "skunkworks"? Who should own your eCommerce initiative? How can you focus organizational learning on your eCommerce transformation?

From start to finish, eCommerce: Formulation of Strategy helps executives understand their eCommerce objectives and define metrics and processes that help every team member stay on track. It's your complete boardroom guide to winning in the new "e-conomy."

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