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Chapter 1. Getting Oriented

Before you jump into creating your first style sheet, it doesn't hurt to get oriented. Just jumping directly into creating styles can be pretty confusing, if you don't first develop some basic understandings of what styles sheets are and how they work. I'll also be including directions for how to download and extract the example files you'll be using to create this book's examples, as well as information on choosing a text editor to work with the examples. In this chapter you'll learn about the following:

  • What a style sheet is

    The use of style sheets in word processing programs, desktop publishing programs, and on the World Wide Web is discussed.

  • How CSS is implemented in browsers

    You'll learn about first-generation and second-generation CSS- supporting browsers and how their implementations of CSS impact the utilization of CSS in Web pages.

  • The relation between CSS and HTML

    You'll learn how style sheets have been implicit in HTML from the very beginning.

  • Downloading and extracting the example files

    The example files used in this book are available for download from this book's Web site. Guidance is provided for downloading and extracting the example files, as well as creating and locating your working folder.

  • Using a text editor to work with the examples

    You don't need anything fancy to work with HTML and CSS files—a simple text editor works just fine. Text editors available on different platforms (Windows, Macintosh, and Unix) are discussed, as well as where to find and download other, more sophisticated, text editors.



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