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Dave Shea Thanks:

First and foremost, thanks to my wife, April, for putting up with my long evenings away writing at the local Starbucks. I couldn’t have done it without your support, understanding, and patience.

(Which reminds me—thanks to the crew at the local Starbucks for all the lattes and putting up with that guy over in the corner with the PowerBook.)

Thanks of course to my parents, Gord and Linda, and my brothers, Matt and Jeremy, for pretending to understand all this.

Thanks to DreamFire Studios (www.dreamfirestudios.com) for hosting the Zen Garden from the beginning, and continuing to do so despite the growth.

The design community has rallied around the Zen Garden in a way I never could have imagined during those evenings spent strategizing and designing, almost two years ago now. There are far, far too many of you to thank individually, but you know who you are. Many of you are in the list below, many of you are not, but the work you do making the Web a beautiful place encourages and inspires me every single day.

Great big huge thanks to my coauthor, Molly, for sharing her ideas, encouragement, and experience. She wrote the book that encouraged me to start in this industry all those years ago; writing this one with her has been a genuine pleasure.

Molly E. Holzschlag Thanks:

It’s a remarkable experience to work in a field where our students so quickly become our teachers—where our work can, in an instant, change the way we think about the Web. This is the experience that coauthoring a book with Dave Shea has offered me: the chance to see my work inspire another person, who in turn has inspired a new generation of Web designers. What I’ve learned from Dave and the many designers of the CSS Zen Garden has enabled me to improve my understanding of CSS, to teach it more effectively, and to feel passionate about the Web in a renewed way. So my primary acknowledgment must go to Dave, and then to all the contributors—so many of whom are friends and teachers of mine—who have helped realize what is essentially one of the most important Web projects in our history thus far.

On the personal front, to Michael with love always; to my family and friends, whom I hold dear and who put up with my oft-mercurial self, thanks for helping me through. As ever, to David Fugate, literary agent extraordinaire and personal friend, who never ceases to provide encouragement and wise guidance. As ever, to my readers and visitors to my Web site: Thank you for the ongoing support and encouragement—it means the world to me.

From Both Dave and Molly

To everyone involved in the production of this book, a great big huge Thank You. Cheryl England not only is a great editor, but she made the process seem fun! Thanks to Shaun Inman for making this book technically so much better and to Elissa Rabellino for her meticulous copyediting. Also thanks to the production team (Charlene Will, Kim Scott, and Hilal Sala) for working with us to keep the production values high. Finally, a special debt of gratitude to Nancy Ruenzel and Cliff Colby for believing in the concept and helping us bring it to life.

Special Thanks

To all those who have believed in the CSS Zen Garden enough to contribute, you’ve made it what it is today. This book never would have happened without your efforts.

James AbbottDerek HansenMichael Pick
Josh AmbrutisClément HardouinAndrea Piernock
Michael AngelesAndrew HaywardMartin Plazotta
Boér AttilaAxel HebenstreitAdam Polselli
John BarrickDavid HellsingMikhel Proulx
Clinton BarthRay HenryLim Yuan Qing
Jeff BilenJon HicksLuke Redpath
Ramon BispoDidier HilhorstGreg Reimer
Jonny BlairShaun InmanD. Keith Robinson
Douglas BowmanAlexander Christiaan JacobJordi Romkema
Jai BrinkofskiJulien Roumagnac
Matthew BuchananKyle JonesDan Rubin
Andy BuddMasanori KawachiMichaela Maria Sampl
Claire CampbellChristine KirchmeierDaisuke Sato
Dan CederholmEgor KloosCedric Savarese
Richard ChatfieldJens KristensenEric Shepherd
ChikaGuillaume LahalleRob Shields
Andy ClarkeCharlotte LambertMichael Simmons
Diane ClaytonCornelia LangeJohn Simons
Colectivo YTWPatrick H. LaukeRyan Sims
Terrence ConleyLance LeonardSteve Smith
Bruno CunhaDaniel LerouxAmy Rae Som
Brad DailyHannah F. LiesongArmando Sosa
Oli DaleLiz LubowitzPetr Stanicek
Radu DarvasLaura MacArthurMike Stenhouse
Mike DavidsonIan MainMaria Stultz
Kevin & Ethel DavisMatt Kim & NicoleMichael Switzer
Jessica DunnKev MearsAlex Taylor
James EhlyEric MeyerSofiane Toudji
Jason EstesMinz MeyerMarc Trudel
Michael FasaniStephane MoensMichael Tupy
Jose FloridoMichal MokrzyckiVincent Valentin
Wendy FosterChris MorrellMarc van den Heuvel
Sophie GMartin NeumannBobby van der Sluis
Brett J. GilbertJohn OxtonChris Vincent
Nigel GoodfellowJoseph PearsonJohn Whittet
Rene GrasseggerEmiliano PennisiBernd Willenberg
Sandra GrecoJustin PetersBrian Williams
Patrick GriffithsStefan PetreKatrin Zieger

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