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Special Thanks To...

Special Thanks To...

Jocelyn and Dashiel, who keep my spirits up.

Mom, Dad, and Nancy, who made me who I am.

Uncle Johnny, for his unwavering support.

Pat and Red, my two biggest fans.

Nancy Davis, whose patience kept me from going stark raving mad.

Kate McKinley, who dotted my i’s and made sure that everything made sense.

Liz Welch, for her proofreading prowess.

Andrei Pasternak, for keeping this moving through the Peachpit production process.

Danielle Foster, who pulled it all together to make it look this good.

Daniel Rymer, who wrote Chapter 10.

Kimberley Blessing, who coded Chapter 8.

Thomas Williams, who listened when I needed to talk.

Neil Salkind and the good folks at Studio B for representing my best interests.

Charles Dodgson (a.k.a. Lewis Carroll), for writing Alice Through the Looking Glass.

John Tennet, for his incredible illustrations of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Judy, Boyd, Dr. G and teachers everywhere who care. Keep up the good work.

Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and Carl Sagan who inspired me to write.

the The, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Air America Radio, The Happytones, Rammstein, The Hives, Electro Cute, Danielle Dax, Morrissey, The Craig Charles Show, Republic of Loose, the Pogues, The Pixies, New Model Army, Cocteau Twins, Franz Ferdinand, Kate Bush, Mojo Nixon, Bauhaus, Lady Tron, Bad Religion, This Mortal Coil, John Peel, Monty Python, the Dead Milkmen, Johnny Cash, The Sex Pistols, Dead Can Dance, BBC Radio 6, Le Tigre, and ZBS Studios (for Ruby) whose noise helped keep me from going insane while writing this book.

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