Using ColdFusion Lists, Arrays, and Structures 139 Example: Using Structures Native to the ColdFusion Environment One reason structures are important is that ColdFusion uses them to store many of the variable scopes you learned about in Chapter 2. Scopes that are stored as structures include · · · · CGI Cookie Form URL When you're retrieving form data by using Form.fieldname, you are really using the dot-notation method of accessing a structure. Within the Form structure, the form field names are the keys, and the data the user entered into the form are the values. NOTE The Application and Session scopes are stored as structures as well. Unlike the other scopes you've learned about so far, Application and Session are persistent, meaning that data inside them is available across multiple HTTP requests. You'll learn more details about the Application and Session scopes in Chapter 11, "Maintaining State Information," and Chapter 12, "Using the ColdFusion Application Framework." Deciding When to Use Lists, Arrays, and Structures Now that you have three options for storing multiple values, you may be wondering when it is best to use each. Following are some tips to keep in mind when you're deciding among lists, arrays, and structures: