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Part III: Extending ColdFusion > Writing CFX Tags in Visual C++

Chapter 10. Writing CFX Tags in Visual C++

In this chapter

What Are CFX Tags?

The Three Classes That Make Up the CFXAPI

Building Your First CFX Tag: CFX_ListRemoveDuplicates

Building Your Second CFX Tag: CFX_QueryAddColumn

Building Your Third CFX Tag: CFX_GetDiskSpace

As you learned in the previous chapter, it's possible to write your own custom tags using ColdFusion's native language, CFML. In this chapter you look at creating CFX tags, which are a different kind of tag that you can add to ColdFusion.

The big difference between writing CFML Custom Tags and writing CFX tags is that you don't use ColdFusion's own functions and tags to put the tag together. Instead, you use an external development environment—such as Microsoft Visual C++ or Borland Delphi—to create the tags.


You need to use Microsoft Visual C++ in order to follow along with this chapter. Microsoft Visual C++ is a separate product that is not included with ColdFusion. The figures in this chapter show Visual C++ 5.0, but you should be able to use different versions of the product—such as Visual C++ 6.0, which was brand new at the time of this writing—as well.


If you don't have Microsoft Visual C++ but plan on buying it now so you can create CFX tags with it, you might want to consider buying Microsoft Visual Studio rather than buying Visual C++ alone. Visual Studio is a bundle that includes Visual C++ as well as Visual Basic (which you could use to create COM objects for use with the CFOBJECT tag), Visual InterDev (which is especially handy to have around if you're using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5), Visual FoxPro (which you can use to build FoxPro database tables to use with ColdFusion), and more. At the time of this writing, the latest version of the bundle is called Visual Studio 6.0 and is priced right if you have a need for two or more of the tools.



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