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Chapter 29. Full-Text Searching with Ver... > Understanding Verity's Search Syntax - Pg. 638

Full-Text Searching with Verity 638 If the collection already exists on another server in your local network, you can create a mapping to the existing collection, rather than creating a new one. This is useful when you are using several ColdFusion servers in a cluster, since only one copy of Verity's internal index files will need to be maintained. To create the mapping, change the ACTION parameter in Listing 29.22 to MAP and provide a com- plete UNC-style path to the collection's folder on the other ColdFusion server. For instance, Listing 29.23 shows the code that you might use to create a mapping to the collection named HRDocs, which is on another machine named MAINSERVER (it's assumed that the Collections folder on the other server is available as a share called Collections). Note that you cannot use an URL in the PATH parameter--PATH cannot start with http:// to point to another server over the Internet. Tip You can also create a mapping with the ColdFusion Administrator by using the Map an Existing Collection option when filling out the onscreen form for a new collection (see Figure 29.3). Once the mapping has been created, you can use the HRDocs collection name normally in CFIN- DEX and CFSEARCH tags. The Verity engine installed on the local ColdFusion server does the in- dexing and searching work, but it accesses the index files that are located on the other ColdFusion server. Example 29.23. MAP.CFM-- Creating a Mapping to an Existing Collection on Another Server <!--- Create the Verity collection ---> <CFCOLLECTION ACTION="MAP" COLLECTION="HRDocs" PATH="\\MAINSERVER\Collections\HRDocs">