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Part V: Appendixes > Date and Time Functions - Pg. 742

ColdFusion Function Reference 742 Example: The following example trims spaces from both the beginning and the end of a user-sup- plied field: #Trim(notes)# See also: CJustify, LJustify, LTrim, RJustify, RTrim, StripCR UCase Description: UCase converts a string to uppercase. UCase takes a single parameter, the string to be converted, and returns the converted string. Syntax: UCase(String) Example: The following example converts the contents of a table column called States to uppercase: #UCase(State)# See also: LCase Val Description: Val converts the beginning of a string to a number. Val takes a single parameter, the string to process. Conversion is only possible if the string begins with numeric characters. If con- version is impossible, 0 is returned. Syntax: