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Part IV: Advanced ColdFusion > Interacting with Email

Chapter 24. Interacting with Email

In this chapter

Generating SMTP Mail

Including Query Results in Email

Sending Email to a List of People

Using HTML to Make Your Email Look Better

Sending Attachments with Your Email


Creating a Complete Mail Client

Mail Daemons

Working with Attachments

What is the single Internet application that people use more often than any other? Email. Although the NCSA's Mosaic World Wide Web browser was probably the killer application that led to the Internet's current level of popularity, it is email that people use most often. The ability to send and receive potentially critical information almost instantaneously—to and from almost anywhere on the planet—is a compelling reason to use the Internet. Email has had a profound impact on virtually all aspects of how we do business and stay in touch with each other.

Although the Web is probably the most compelling reason people connect to the Internet, its usefulness is significantly enhanced by the integration of email. Of course, the usefulness of your Web Web applications: is enhanced by the incorporation of email. The following are some examples of how email can be used in conjunction with a Web application to enhance its usefulness.

  • A simple order entry application sends an order confirmation by email.

  • A complex database application sends an email to the developer when a user encounters a runtime error.

  • A billing application sends invoices to customers through email.

  • An office supply manufacturer uses email to send multimedia catalogs to a group of distributors throughout the world. Different versions of the catalog are sent to different distributors, based on information listed in the manufacturer's database.

  • A Web-based mailing list archive gives new customers access to older technical support information.



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