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InputBaseN - Pg. 563

Function Reference Example <cfset exampleString = "<h1>Test string</h1>"> <cfoutput> # HTMLEditFormat(exampleString)# </cfoutput> IIf IIf (condition, string_expression1, string_expression2) Description Evaluates a Boolean condition expression. Depending on whether the expression is true or false, it dynamically evaluates one of two string expressions and returns the result. This function is convenient for incorporating a cfif tag inline in HTML. Example <cfoutput> #IIf(Month(Now()) GTE 6, DE("It's not spring"), DE("It might be spring"))# </cfoutput> IncrementValue IncrementValue (number) Description Adds one to an integer. Example <cfoutput> Using 0 #IncrementValue(0)# Using 151.05 #IncrementValue(151.05)# </cfoutput> InputBaseN InputBaseN (string, radix) Description Converts a string, using the base specified by radix , to an integer. 563