ColdFusion MX: From Static to Dynamic in 10 Steps has 10 Steps to converting a static site to a dynamic site using ColdFusion MX, with reusable real-world examples and exercises make this book easy to use and the concepts easy to incorporate. This book sorts through the technical detail to present professional users with just the information they need to get started. After mastering the basics in this book, readers will be ready to advanced to the Inside ColdFusion MX book.

ColdFusion MX: From Static to Dynamic in 10 Steps is a gentle introduction to the world of dynamic web publishing using ColdFusion MX. It is aimed at the professional web developer who is new to ColdFusion and is designed to highlight the simplicity, flexibility, and speed ColdFusion has to offer over other dynamic technologies. The main use is to upgrade or "makeover" an existing static, manually updated web site into a dynamic, data-driven site. Beginning with a case study of the site and how it can be improved using ColdFusion, the book progresses through 10 stages of upgrade by giving theory, examples, and hands on instruction for creating a dynamic site using such features as a data-driven catalog, search page, and shopping cart.

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