Updating a Record in the Database 167 The Server Debug panel also works well for testing applications for errors or trying to track down a bug. When an error occurs, the panel shows an exclamation point and an error message. For ex- ample, when a form variable is not passed to a page that requires one, the Server Debug panel looks like Figure 12.16. Figure 12.16. The Server Debug panel displays error messages produced by ColdFusion, such as missing parameters. To use the Server Debug panel, you must turn on debugging in the ColdFusion Administrator and use the Server Debug view. The Server Debug panel is also useful for paging through an application to see what form and URL variables are passed, as well as the SQL statements executed. Turn Off Debugging Remember to turn off debugging, or restrict it to certain IP addresses, when you deploy your application. Your users will probably not want to see the details of application server processing. Summary In this chapter, you built a ColdFusion application that updates a database table. You also learned about the SQL required to update a database record and pass information between pages using form and URL variables. In the next chapter, you learn how to delete records.