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Chapter 18. Building a Search Interface > Creating Collections - Pg. 240

Building a Search Interface 240 In order to add a search interface to your ColdFusion application, it is first necessary to build and index one or more collections. After that, an interface can be constructed to perform a search. Creating Collections ColdFusion allows you to create Verity collections either programmatically or using the ColdFusion Administrator. The Administrator method is the quickest and easiest way to create a collection, but it must be done by hand by an administrator. The programmatic method is more powerful. It allows the application itself to update and maintain the collection, which means that the collection can be reindexed if new documents are added or removed. Creating and Indexing Collections with the Administrator The ColdFusion Administrator is the quick and easy way to create a collection. Use this method if you have a fairly static collection of pages. To create a collection using the Administrator, follow these steps: 1. Open the ColdFusion Administrator, and choose Data & Services, Verity Collections to go to the Verity Collections page shown in Figure 18.1.