ColdFusion Application with Dreamweaver MX is written by leading expert, David Golden, Senior Technical Writer for the ColdFusion Server at Macromedia. Everything you need to know to get up-to-speed on creating ColdFusion MX Applications in Dreamweaver MX, in a no-frills, hands-on approach. Only book concentrating on developing ColdFusion MX with the visual tool of choice for creating ColdFusion applications: Dreamweaver MX.

ColdFusion MX Applications with Dreamweaver MX will teach readers how to use Dreamweaver to build and maintain ColdFusion applications. It will use task-based tutorials that reside within the frameworks of two major sections: building a ColdFusion-powered site from scratch and transforming an existing static site into one that's dynamic and database-driven. In addition, because Dreamweaver uses Dreamweaver's visual development environment rather than a text-based scripting environment, this book will focus on using Dreamweaver to build ColdFusion applications rather than exhaustive explanations of CFML code.

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