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Q1:Are Web server errors reported by ColdFusion?
A1: Usually not, because they tend to occur before ColdFusion has had a chance to process a file. The Web server itself typically reports Web server errors.
Q2:When I load a template file, I don't see an error, but neither do I see the complete page. What's up?
A2: Certain types of errors can occur within a template page, meaning that only part of the page will display successfully. This is often true when using tables—a ColdFusion error might cause the closing </TABLE> tag not to load and your page would appear blank. To see what's really going on, use your browser's View Source command. You'll often find a ColdFusion error message embedded in the code.
Q3:I've checked and double-checked my table names, and my ODBC driver is still reporting an Unknown Table error.
A3: This problem can occur when using server-based database applications such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. These apps typically require tables to be referenced with special three-part names that include the name of the desired database, the name of the database owner, and a table name.
Q4:My template causes ColdFusion to return a vague message such as a non-specific error has occurred. What do I do?
A4: It's rare that ColdFusion won't at least try to give you details about an error, but it does happen. Errors like this are often the result of severe syntax errors—check your code (particularly the <CFIF> structures) to make sure you have matching sets of tags, properly delimited variable names, and so on.
Q5:I've enabled debugging options in ColdFusion Administrator, but I don't see them displayed. What's wrong?
A5: Your system or Web administrator might have assigned one or more IP addresses to the debugging restrictions. You need to ask him or her to add your IP as well.
Q6:Why does ColdFusion Studio's Document Validator report so many errors in my templates, even those that load successfully?
A6: By default, the Document Validator tends to be a little overzealous and will report some formatting errors that don't necessarily affect on the way a page displays. You can customize the way Validator works by selecting Options, Settings and choosing the Validator tab.



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