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Q1:I already have an online store written in Perl or C. Can I integrate it with ColdFusion?
A1: In most cases, yes, although you'll probably need to know a little bit about your store's native language. The more integration you want, the more you'll need to know.
Q2:Why is there such a huge price difference in prewritten store applications?
A2: More expensive store apps usually offer more features, but the biggest difference is usually in support. Inexpensive sites typically offer no or little support, whereas the pricier models might even have an 800 number or direct email help.
Q3:My client's database contains thousands of products. Is ColdFusion still the right e-commerce tool?
A3: Yes. As you know, ColdFusion can handle pretty large databases with ease. For larger sites, you'll really need to plan out your catalog section and pay attention to how users will access products. By using subcategories and search boxes, you can make your large site easier to navigate.
Q4:My client wants to use a fax-back or call-back ordering system. Should I talk him out of it?
A4: If your client's business isn't online, or its employees aren't computer savvy, those older methods make great workarounds. After all, it wasn't too long ago that the majority of Web business used fax-back and call-back methods as their primary source of communication with customers.
Q5:If I'm using a transaction type other than secure online ordering, how much of today's lesson applies?
A5: Everything up to the final two sections. Even stores that use email or fax orders can benefit from having a well-designed product catalog and shopping cart system.
Q6:If security is such an issue, why not use HTTPS links for all the pages on my site and be done with it?
A6: Secure links have to encrypt and decrypt data each time a page is delivered. They can take up quite a bit of your server's processor time, so I advise using them only where necessary.



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