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Q1:Why doesn't ColdFusion have a <CFDELETE>tag?
A1: That would be too easy and too dangerous. By requiring developers to use the SQL DELETE command rather than a simple tag, ColdFusion ensures that you really know what you're doing before you put your data at risk.
Q2:Why doesn't <CFINSERT>require that a primary key be specified, as <CFUPDATE>does?
A2: <CFINSERT> inputs data in much the same way as your database software does when you manually type in a new record. If you use the "autonumber" function in your database (most do this by default), a primary key will be provided for the new record.
Q3:How can I ensure that DELETEactions aren't misused?
A3: You can password-protect pages that use the command, or you can restrict the pages to be viewed only by computers at certain IP addresses. You'll learn more about this in Day 16, "Using ColdFusion Client and Session Management."
Q4:How can a form page be used as its own ACTIONpage?
A4: By using <CFIF> to determine whether data is being input or passed along, you can create one page to do all your dirty work. This has two advantages: It consolidates your code, and it lets the user immediately perform another action without having to click back to a form page.
Q5:I'm confused about how multifunction form pages work. What am I missing?
A5: It might be helpful to revisit Day 9, "Enhancing Your Applications with Variables and If-Then Statements." This lesson will help you understand how variables may be used to control actions such as INSERT s and UPDATE s.
Q6:Why can't my users see my forms that use <CFGRID>and <CFTREE>?
A6: Like all enhanced <CFFORM> tags, they require that the user's browser be JavaScript compatible. Most browsers are these days, but, if you have a significant user base running older browsers, you'll need to provide alternative forms.



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