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Day 4


1: What is an ODBC driver?
A1: An ODBC driver is software that enables compatible programs to communicate with a database.
2: How is ColdFusion considered a "gateway" application?
A2: It links a database to the Web by working in conjunction with the Web server software and ODBC.
3: What is a schema?
A3: A schema is a visual map of a database showing tables, fields, and ways in which data is related
4: Why is it important to create a visual representation of a database before creating the actual file?
A4: Creating a schema first allows you to determine whether data is being unnecessarily duplicated across tables, how each table will receive input, and how security should be set. It also helps work out bugs in database design.
5: On a 1973 Plymouth Fury, what color is the wire that switches between high and low headlight beams?
A5: I still haven't figured this out, but I know it's not green—That's the dome light.
6: Why did I use lowercase letters and underscores in naming my database and tables?
A6: To create a filenaming convention, or standard method that will keep things organized and portable from system to system .
7: What is a primary key?
A7: A primary key is a value in a field that uniquely identifies a record .
8: Briefly describe the process of setting permissions on a table.
A8: To set table permissions in most database applications, you first create a "user" or "users," then give the user read or write permissions to each table in your database .
9: Name three ways to get information into a database.
A9: Using an input form, importing data, and retrieving it via a Web page form.



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