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Day 3


1: Name at least three questions you should ask a potential ColdFusion Web provider.
A1: What version of ColdFusion does the provider use? How many datasources are supported? What is the process for updating a datasource? Where are databases stored?
2: What is ColdFusion Studio, and how is it different from ColdFusion Server?
A2: ColdFusion Studio is a special program targeted at CF developers. It includes a semi-graphic interface for building template pages along with a single-user copy of ColdFusion Server. It sells for a fraction of the price of the server package, but can't be used to serve pages to others on the Web.
3: What are the two varieties of ColdFusion Server? How do they differ?
A3: The two packages are ColdFusion Server Professional and ColdFusion Server Enterprise. They differ in the Web platforms they support. The Enterprise version also includes added features for secure e-commerce sites.
4: Which Web servers require special attention when installing ColdFusion Server?
A4: On Windows platforms, some releases of the Apache server will need to be manually configured for ColdFusion. On Solaris platforms, Apache and Netscape users should check their docs as well.
5: Name two ways to start the ColdFusion Administrator.
A5: The Administrator can be started from a Web page (all platforms), from the Windows "Start" menu (Windows NT and 9x), or from the system tray (Windows 9x only) .
6: Describe the process of setting up a database as a ColdFusion datasource.
A6: Open ColdFusion Administrator, choose the ODBC link under Datasources, browse for the database file, and name the datasource.
7: Name a reason you might need to stop ColdFusion service and describe how to do it.
A7: You might need to stop the service if you're upgrading your Web server software or making other significant changes to your server. To start and stop service, use the utility in ColdFusion Administrator.



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