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Day 19


1: Name at least three control characters that can give ColdFusion problems when used in variable names.
A1: You could have listed any of these: a space, ", ', -, or #.
2: When defining column aliases, what character is used to delimit the original field name?
A2: The backtick, or "`" character .
3: Name the two types of SQL functions. One of them isn't discussed in this book. Why?
A3: The two types of SQL functions are aggregate and scalar. SQL's Scalar functions aren't discussed in this book because almost all of them can be duplicated with the standard ColdFusion functions .
4: Why is it preferable to relate two database tables by a numeric field such as ID instead of a text field?
A4: Because SQL is more efficient at searching numeric fields. Also, if the ID field is one table's primary key, using it to relate the tables ensures that there is a unique identifier for every record in the table .
5: Why does the subquery example in this chapter use the IN operator?
A5: Because the subquery in the example will return more than one value. IN is necessary to tell SQL that it will be evaluating a list of values .
6: Name two ways to create a table view.
A6: Table views can be created natively in the database application, or by using an SQL statement in a ColdFusion template. The SQL statement is designed to be run only once.
7: What type of database software do you need to use stored procedures?
A7: A server-based program such as Oracle or Sybase.



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