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Day 11


1: What happens when a user with a non-Java browser tries to view a ColdFusion-enhanced form page?
A1: They get either ColdFusion's standard "not supported" message, or error text you specify in the <CFFORM> tag .
2: Name the main feature supported by <CFINPUT> that is not supported by the standard HTML <INPUT> form tag .
A2: <CFINPUT> supports text validation that can determine whether the user has input a valid phone number, ZIP code, and so on.
3: What's the difference between <CFINPUT> and <CFTEXTINPUT>?
A3: <CFINPUT> also enables radio buttons and check boxes, whereas <CFTEXTINPUT> is designed specifically for text input. In addition, the latter creates boxes in JavaScript rather than HTML so you can customize box and font color.
4: What's the main benefit of using <CFSELECT> instead of a standard form <SELECT>?
A4: <CFSELECT> simplifies the process of populating a select box with query output.
5: What is the parameter used with a query-driven <CFSELECT> to specify which option should be selected by default?
A5: Not surprisingly, it's the SELECTED parameter, which must point to text from the field you specified as your VALUE. If you use the query field title as your VALUE, your SELECTED parameter will contain the text of a valid title in your table, such as "Some Book Title."
6: If you want to create a <CFSLIDER> that will show the values 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on up to 100, what are the two parameters to use with the tag?
A6: The RANGE parameter will be set to 5,100 and SCALE will be set to This will enable the user to select values in increments of five, beginning with "5."



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