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Day 1


1: What is ColdFusion's primary function? Name two good uses for the program.
A1: ColdFusion's primary function is serving dynamically generated pages from database information. Recent versions of the program have been added
2: How does ColdFusion work with CGI scripts?
A2: In some cases, ColdFusion can be used to replace existing CGI scripts and add functions that would have been difficult (or expensive) to build in CGI. If you don't want to replace your existing scripts, ColdFusion will run just fine alongside CGI, and you can call CGI scripts from ColdFusion templates just as you can in standard HTML pages.
3: What is dynamic page generation?
A3: Dynamic page generation is the process by which Web pages are built on-the-fly, at the moment a user's browser requests them. The opposite of a dynamic page is a static page, a standard HTML page that resides on a server .
4: How does a ColdFusion-driven Web page get from a server to a client?
A4: When a user's browser (the client) requests a Web page named with the ColdFusion file extension (CFM), it momentarily turns the request over to ColdFusion for processing. CF scans the template and does whatever actions are requested (queries a database and so on), then returns the resulting HTML code to the server for delivery to the user.
5: Who was Elizabeth Taylor's most recent husband?
A5: Liz's seventh and latest stand at the altar was with Larry Fortensky, a decidedly unfamous construction worker and truck driver. They were divorced in 1996.



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