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Chapter 19. Reporting > Summary - Pg. 128

Reporting 128 Report elements can also be included or excluded based on input parameters. For example, to conditionally include or exclude a logo add define an input parameter named dispLogo of type boolean with a default of 1, and then use the following as the Print When condition: param.dispLogo This way the logo will be included in the report unless dispLogo=false is passed at runtime. Embedding Subreports To embed a subreport within a report, click on the subreport button and define where within the report it is to be placed. You will be prompted to either create a new report or to select an existing report. Either way, the subreport will be opened in a second tab allowing you to work on both the main report and the subreport simultaneously. NOTE It is not yet possible to pass queries at runtime to subreports, subreports always use em- bedded SQL. Using Text Styles Text styles allow styles to be used for text and labels instead of hard-coding these settings. Text styles are defined in the Text Styles tab, and are associated with report elements by selecting the style from the Text Styles drop down list in the Properties panel. <cfreport> still supports the use of Crystal Reports .rpt files as it did in previous Cold- NOTE