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Chapter 19. Reporting > Using The ColdFusion Report Builder - Pg. 124

Reporting 124 Installing The Report Builder Unlike ColdFusion itself (which need only be installed on computers processing ColdFusion code), the ColdFusion Report Builder must be installed on every computer on which reports will be de- signed. If the ColdFusion Report Builder is not installed on your machine, run the installer named CFRe- portBuilder.exe (it can be found in /CFIDE/installers under the ColdFusion web root). Running The Report Builder The ColdFusion Report Builder is a standalone program used to define ColdFusion Report tem- plates. It can be run standalone, and also directly from within Dreamweaver by double-clicking on a report file. TIP To launch the Report Builder select ColdFusion Report Builder from the Windows Program > Macromedia > ColdFusion MX 7 program group. Configuring The Report Builder When first run, the ColdFusion Report Builder launches a wizard that prompts for important initial settings. These include RDS connection information, and default settings. TIP You can rerun the setup wizard any time from the File, New menu.