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Chapter 6. Deploying Applications > Choosing the Right Deployment Option

Choosing the Right Deployment Option

Macromedia provides three methods for deploying your ColdFusion applications. You have to decide the appropriate method for your configuration and the target environment. For example, if you need to simply back up your current configuration as part of a contingency plan for hardware failure, you might choose to create a ColdFusion archive (.car). This will allow you to re-create the ColdFusion settings and re-deploy any code and other files. Or maybe you are an IS manager who needs the ability to deploy multiple ColdFusion server instances on a departmental IBM WebSphere server. The J2EE archive (.EAR) makes more sense for you. Or perhaps you are an independent developer interested in selling your custom tags or components without having your code reverse-engineered into the original CFML. Then surely you will opt for sourceless deployment. Table 6.6 should help you determine the appropriate deployment option.

Table 6.6. Deployment Options
Existing ColdFusion MX Serverx x
Existing J2EE Application Server x 
Integrate with J2EE Application Server deployment functionality x 
Integrate with the ColdFusion MX 7 multiserver configuration Instance Managerx  
ColdFusion MX Enterprise license for archive creationx  
ColdFusion MX Enterprise license for archive deploymentxx 
Configure within ColdFusion MX Administratorxx 
Configure from the command line  x
Create archive filesxx 
Deploy a full ColdFusion MX Application server x 
Optionally include ColdFusion MX Administratorxx 
Optionally include specific ColdFusion Server settingsx  
Optionally include specific Data Sourcesxx 
Optionally include specific Event Gateways, Scheduled Tasks, Verity Collections, etc.x  
Optionally include files from different server directoriesx  
Deploy CFML Source Codexx 
Deploy ColdFusion templates as Java bytecode xx



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