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Thanks to my co-authors, Dain Anderson, Brian Baxter, Jeff Bouley, Ray Camden, Adam Churvis, David Churvis, Ken Fricklas, Paul Hastings, Sam Neff, Robi Sen, Sarge Sargent, and Jeff Tapper for their outstanding contributions. Thanks to the thousands of you who write to me with comments, suggestions, and criticism (thankfully not too much of the latter)—I do read each and every message (and even attempt to reply to them all, eventually) and all are appreciated. A very special thank you to my tireless and dedicated acquisitions editor, Angela Kozlowski, who has been my advisor, slave-driver, partner, scheduling department, sounding board, critic, and muse since I published my first book way back when. And last, but by no means least, a loving thank you to my wife Marcy for so many years of love, support, and encouragement—her tireless work and selfless efforts make it possible for me to do what I do. It is she who deserves the real credit for all I have accomplished - I would not be where I am today without her.

—Ben Forta

Dain would like to personally thank Brandon Lee and Garrett Christian at Terra Dotta, LLC. for allowing him work time to write for this book. Dain would also like to thank Nate Weiss for his code sample contributions.

—Dain Anderson

Jeff would like to thank Joe Rinehart and Scott Turman for their code contributions.

—Jeffrey Bouley

I'd like to thank Ben for including me on this project, and I'd like to thank my family for always being there with the love and affection that fuels my days. But the person I'd like to thank the most is my son and co-author, David, for his professionalism, integrity, and friendship over the years (and his various office music mixes, which, surprisingly, I really like).

—Adam Churvis

So many people to thank - I would first like to thank Ben Forta for the opportunity to participate in this project, and all the other authors for helping to put together a great book. I would especially like to acknowledge my father Adam for proofreading my chapters and my editors at Peachpit for helping to put forth an excellent product. And finally, I'd like to thank the many musicians whose songs have made their way through my iTunes playlist. A full list would require a book of its own, but you are all indispensable as part of the creative process.

—David Churvis

I'd like to thank Angela for her patience, Ben for me letting in on the best books in the biz, Carolyn and Bryce for love and support, and Chris and Chuck for letting me hang out in paradise while I finished this up. For technical assistance, I'd like to thank all the past authors of the components chapter as well as zvon.org and Micah Dubinko of Cardiff Software for XForms and XSL information.

—Ken Fricklas

First off, I'd like to thank the “usual suspects” at Macromedia for such a fine product and as a way of showing my appreciation for all the hard work globalizing ColdFusion during the beta process: Damon Cooper, Tom Jordahl, Jim Schley, Stephen Dupre, Miker Nimer, Hiroshi Okugawa and Xu Chen. I'd also like to acknowledge Steven R. Loomis, Mark Davis, Doug Felt, Markus Scherer, and Vladimir Weinstein, IBM's ICU4J folks for the helpful insight and answering my dumb questions about the ICU4J Java library. For their practical insights into real-world BIDI issues, I'd like to thank HyperOffice's Farzin Arsanjani, Drew Morris, and Mohamed Ainane. I'd like to thank my fellow Team Macromedia member, Jochem van Dieten for sharing his knowledge of PostgreSQL. And last but certainly not least I'd like to again thank Ben Forta and Angela Kozlowski for the opportunity and their help. Thanks everybody.

—Paul Hastings

Thanks to Ben for having me on the project again. Special thanks to Angela for your continued patience and understanding—I know I didn't make your job easy on this one. Thanks to Nimer for the sounding board—as always. Special thanks to my family for being a rock for me. Extra special thanks to my wife Nikki for giving me the greatest blessing a dad could ever want—a 2nd boy! I love you, Bob!

Sarge Sargent

There are always so many people to thank on a book this size but the first person I would like to thank is you, the reader. Without your interest there would be no book and ColdFusion would not be as popular as it is today. Next I would like to thank Ben Forta who was one of the first people to offer me some help with ColdFusion in 1996 as well as for letting me work on this book. I would also like to thank Nate Weiss, Mike Nimer, and Trebor Fenstermaker who provided help, tips, guidance, trouble shooting, as well as Mr. Fenstermaker helped create the Java Gateway example in Chapter 31. I would also like to thank Angela Kozlowski and all the editors who helped make all my chapters worth reading.

Robi Sen

Thanks to Ben for asking me to write this, to my iPod and to my Turkish mate Troy who helped me code this.

—Lucas Sherwood

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