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Chapter II-4. The Solution > Client Testing - Pg. 123

The Solution 123 Client Testing Client testing is an important part of the application-delivery process. Without this, Vshift would be placing a lot of faith in its own testing process. While Vshift's testing was thorough, things can sometimes be deceiving when developers test their own applications. Often developers will have very powerful machines with all of the necessary software and plug-ins to ensure successful de- velopment. This power is liable to hide many application shortcomings that can be detected by client testing. Also, application developers know what to expect when screens are shown--often they do not think to test an application in ways that a first-time user will. Client Comments Through the weekend, the MonkeyTongue sales team members tested the application using their notes and checklists from the earlier walk-through. MonkeyTongue formulated their comments into the following memo to Vshift.