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Lesson 2. Introducing ColdFusion Studio > Customizing Editor Text

Customizing Editor Text

You may find you'd like to modify the typeface and type size you see in the editor window. It's extremely easy to change these settings in ColdFusion Studio.

Select Options > Settings or press F8.

The Settings window appears.

Select Editor from the list of items.

From the Editor settings, you can control the font and size of the text that appears in your editor, as well as the character set, the width of a tab, and the foreground and background colors of the editor window.

Select the Font window and scroll up until you reach the Arial font.

You have now set your font in the editor to Arial. Of course, you can choose whatever font you like best or that you find most legible and easy on your eyes.

Click the small up arrow next to the Size window until it reaches 12.

Each click of the arrow raises the font size one point in the editor window. Modify it to suit your taste. If you like bigger fonts you can make it even bigger. If you like really small fonts you can make them very small as well.

Click Apply.

You'll see an immediate change in the code currently in the editor window, corre sponding to your new settings. Experiment with these until you find something you like; you can always set the values back to the original default values (you would have to do this manually).

You've now made a lot of changes to suit your working taste and needs. There is a lot more customization that you can do to ColdFusion Studio, much of which can be done through the now-familiar Settings window. You can explore further options on your own; now you're going to start using Studio tools to make your tasks easier.



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