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Lesson 2. Introducing ColdFusion Studio > Changing the Studio Interface

Changing the Studio Interface

While having all of a product's tools at your disposal can be a useful thing, it may also hinder your progress if you don't happen to use all of them. You can customize the interface to display only the tools you need. You can display and hide different menus; you can also add and remove items from the quickbar. Of course this doesn't mean those tools are permanently gone, so don't worry that you can't have them back.

Choose Options > Customize.

This brings up the window to customize the quickbar. From here you can add or remove items from the quickbar. You can also create custom buttons and tabs as well as change keyboard shortcuts.


You can also reach this window by pressing Shift+F8.

In the Visible Toolbars window, uncheck the check box for Frames.

This causes the frames tab to disappear from the quickbar. You can add or remove as many items as you wish as you gain familiarity with the program. When you find out which tabs you are not using, remove them to help streamline your workspace in Studio.

You can also move the toolbars freely within the ColdFusion Studio interface. If you want, you can move the toolbars to the side of the screen and have them cascade down the side rather than across the top.

Click on the double bar at the far left side of a toolbar and drag it off of its current position while holding down the mouse button.

This will cause the toolbar to float around the screen, to wherever you drag it. The toolbar will be placed where you release the mouse button. In order to move the toolbar to the side of the editor window, you must drag it almost off the screen.

Continue to drag the menu to the edge of the screen and release the mouse button.

You will know when to release the mouse button because the gray border around the menu will become a shade lighter. Once that happens you can release the button and the menu will be set to the edge of the editor window.

You now have a menu at the right side of the Studio interface.



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