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Lesson 2. Introducing ColdFusion Studio > Installing Coldfusion Studio - Pg. 23

Introducing ColdFusion Studio In this lesson, you will: · · · · · · · Install and launch ColdFusion Studio Create a Development Mapping Explore and become familiar with the ColdFusion Studio interface Create a ColdFusion Page Configure ColdFusion Studio Learn more about the built-in tools in ColdFusion Studio Customize the ColdFusion Studio interface 23 APPROXIMATE TIME This lesson takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. LESSON FILES Starting Files: Lesson2\Start\ColdFusion_Studio_5_Trial.exe Lesson2\Start\pagetomodify.cfm Completed Files: Lesson2\Complete\HelloWorld.cfm Lesson2\Complete\pagetomodify.cfm Installing Coldfusion Studio