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Lesson 2. Introducing ColdFusion Studio > Installing Coldfusion Studio

Installing Coldfusion Studio

You will be installing an evaluation version of ColdFusion Studio 5. This version will be good for 30 days. After the 30 days, if you wish to continue using ColdFusion Studio, you must purchase a license from Macromedia. However, you will have a fully functioning version for 30 days.

Shut down ColdFusion and the ColdFusion RDS Service.

Start by right-clicking on the ColdFusion icons in your system tray. After you right-click on the icons, select Shut Down from the Start menu. The icons will disappear and you will be ready to start the installation of ColdFusion Studio.

We'll discuss the RDS later in this lesson.

Click Start > Run and type X:\Lesson2\Start\ColdFusion_Studio_5_Trial.exe.

In this command, X is the letter designating the CD-ROM drive where your ColdFusion Training from the Source disc is located.


You can also browse to this file using Windows Explorer and then double-clicking on the ColdFusion_Studio_5_Trial.exe file.

This will launch the install program for ColdFusion Studio. If you have not shut down ColdFusion and ColdFusion RDS Service, a message will prompt you to do so. Otherwise a screen will appear showing the status bar for extracting the files.

Once the files have been extracted, you will see a Macromedia splash screen and another status screen that lets you know that the InstallShield Wizard is preparing to guide you through the rest of the installation.

Once the preparations are complete, you will see the welcome screen for the Install Wizard for ColdFusion Studio 5.

Click Next.

You will now be prompted to accept the license agreement for ColdFusion Studio. You must agree in order to continue with the installation.

Click Yes.

Once you have agreed to the license agreement you will be prompted to enter your name and company name, if you have one.

Fill in your name and company name, if applicable, and click Next.

Now you will need to choose a directory to install ColdFusion Studio. Unless you want to install ColdFusion Studio on another drive, leave the default directory. If you do want to install on another drive, click Browse and choose or create a folder on another drive.

Click Next.

After choosing a destination you will need to choose what files to install. You must install the program files; you may choose to install or not install the documentation. I highly recommend installing the documentation, as you will be able to access it through ColdFusion Studio later.

Click Next.

You will now be prompted to choose the install directory for TopStyle Lite. TopStyle Lite is a style-sheet editor that is bundled with ColdFusion Studio. You must install it to continue installing ColdFusion Studio. But you will not be using it in conjunction with this book, and if you wish to uninstall it you can do so after ColdFusion Studio is installed.


Although you will not be using it in conjunction with this book, I recommend keeping TopStyle Lite installed, as it is an excellent tool for editing style sheets.

Click Next.

You will need to verify your installation selections. If you want to change a directory or other options, now is the time to do so. Click Back until you reach the screen that contains the item you want to change, make your changes, and continue.

Click Next.

All the files necessary to install ColdFusion will now be installed on your computer. This process will take a few minutes (depending on the speed of your computer), so wait patiently.

Once this has finished you will be prompted to restart your computer.

Select the radio button for “Yes, I want to restart my computer now” and then click Finish.

You must restart your computer in order to use ColdFusion Studio.


If you have a previous version of ColdFusion Studio installed when you reboot your machine, you will be taken through the upgrade wizard. This wizard will bring over any previous settings and custom buttons you have created or set in the previous version.

Now you're ready to explore the program.



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