80 Chapter Nine. Deployment Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them. --JOSEPH JOUBERT, FRENCH ESSAYIST Our success derives from sustained intensity. --ANONYMOUS The successful conclusion of usability testing--and the completion of any redesigns necessitated by it--are important milestones in the speech-recognition production life cycle, but by no means indicate that your work is finished. Sometimes when clients have all their phone lines set up and their system ready to take phone calls, they ask, "Why can't I just turn it on? I did that with my touchtone system." It's an understandable question; after all, many technologies do come ready to work, right out of the box. But speech- recognition systems do not always work perfectly from Day One. Why not? Because verifying the successful operation of the intricacies of a speech-recognition is much more difficult than verifying a touchtone system.