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Chapter Ten. Case Studies > United Airlines: Providing Extra Help For Those Who...

United Airlines: Providing Extra Help For Those Who Need It

Now, let's look at what happens when someone calling United Airlines doesn't know the flight number.

SYSTEM:Welcome to United Airlines' flight information system. I'll be able to help you get information on all United, United Express, and United Shuttle flights. Enter or say the flight number or say “I don't know it” if you're unsure.
CALLER:Uh, I don't know it?
SYSTEM:OK, we'll find it a different way. Oh, here's a hint: If you ever know the answer to a question I'm asking, you can always interrupt me, and if you get stuck, say “Help.” Here goes: Would you like arrival or departure information?
SYSTEM:OK, and from which city is the flight departing?
SYSTEM:… and in which city does the flight arrive?
CALLER:Los Angeles.
SYSTEM:United serves more than one airport in the Los Angeles area. They are: Los Angeles International Airport, Santa Anna—
CALLER:(Caller barges in and cuts off the playing of the prompt) Los Angeles International.
SYSTEM:OK, and about what time is the flight scheduled to depart?
SYSTEM:In the morning or in the evening?
SYSTEM:OK, I'll look for flights that have that itinerary, hold on. <Database look-up> I found a few flights that match that itinerary—three, to be exact. Help me find the right flight. Here's the first one on my list: Option 1, Flight 487, departs Boston at 9:15 A.M. and arrives at Los Angeles International at 12:55 P.M. You can say “This one” or “Next” to move on.
CALLER:This one.
SYSTEM:OK, hold on while I get the flight information for Flight 487. <Database look-up> Flight 487 is delayed and will be departing Boston at 9:55 A.M.



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