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Part III: Site Construction > Pulling Together Tools and Materials

Chapter 1. Pulling Together Tools and Materials

In This Chapter

  • Understanding why you need all this stuff

  • Choosing hardware

  • Carving out a workspace

  • Selecting graphics, multimedia, Web design, and browsing software

As part of the decision‐making process, you need to consider the future along with the current needs. Your hardware and software needs to grow with the needs of the sites you're building and with your growing skill set. Buying hardware or software based on current needs and skills alone can result in your gear becoming obsolete more quickly. You can also accidentally limit your personal growth by opting for less‐robust software or hardware. For some designers, the issue of outgrowing software and hardware can be a problem; for others, it might not be. If you're looking to build a simple, functional Web site and don't need to build it beyond the basics, you might not need to worry about becoming more ambitious with your Web site's features. As you work on more and more sites, though, your skills will grow along with your creativity. You will want to explore and learn more as you go. Nonprofessional‐grade software and hardware — perhaps the perfect match for you when you're starting out — can become very limiting when you get a little experience under your belt. This chapter shows you the hardware, software, and accessories that will grow with you as your skills and demands change.



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