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Chapter 1. Pulling Together Tools and Ma... > Setting Up Your Web Design Studio

Setting Up Your Web Design Studio

If you're working on a corporate Web site for your employer, you already have a workspace. If you plan to create Web sites for clients, you need to create your workspace. Some resources to have in your Web design workspace include these:

  • A comfortable desk and chair: Building Web sites takes a lot of time. Make sure your chair is comfortable for you to sit in for a long time. It's true that you can work with a hard folding chair and a little table, but you'll be more productive if you make a space that is comfortable and has enough room for you to sit and work for prolonged periods.

  • Bookshelves: Web and multimedia production involves a lot of details. As you progress, you'll accumulate reference books, inspirational art books, trade magazines, and other books and materials. If you've got a bookcase near your desk, it's easier for you to get to those materials while you work.

  • Enough desk area to accommodate all of your equipment: It's a good idea to have a little extra room for future growth. At least have some idea of how you can rearrange your workspace to accommodate more equipment if need be. If you choose to set your computer up with two monitors, you'll need enough space to have the monitors side by side so you can use them both comfortably.

  • Space to do paperwork: Building Web sites also requires some paperwork. You'll find it's a good idea to have enough space to work on proposals, design prototypes, and other paper documents that help you stay on track.

  • Peace and quiet: Your workspace needs to be quiet. You'll need a place that lets you focus your attention on all the details involved. If you set up in a major traffic area in your house, you might find it hard to be productive, especially when you have to work through a problem. Professional Web design does require an inquisitive nature and a place that supports reading and problem solving.



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