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Chapter 4. Creating Relevant Site Content > Handling large amounts of content

Handling large amounts of content

If your client has copious amounts of information to dispense through his Web site, you've got a challenge on your hands. The attention span of most Web site visitors is minute, which means they're not going to read pages with voluminous amounts of text. It's your job as a designer to break the information down into bite‐size pieces. Here are a few techniques you can use for achieving that goal:

  • Break large amounts of text into several pages.

  • Intersperse images with the text to break up the content.

  • Break up large amounts of text with headlines that visitors can use to ascertain whether they want to read the content. Savvy visitors also use headlines to get the gist of what information is presented on a page.

  • Create a newspaper‐style page where the information is presented in columns. Each article has a headline. Instead of including all of the information on a page, include the first paragraph or two and then include a More link at the end of the last sentence. When clicked, the More link opens the full article in another window.

  • Create a home page that contains links to the information you need to present. (See Figure 4-4 .)

    Figure 4-4: Links enable you to present a large amount of information in a small space.

  • Create a site map. The site map has a text description of every page on the site. Each text description doubles as a hyperlink, which, when clicked, reveals the applicable page.



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