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Touring the Assets panel

If the Assets panel isn't open when you launch Dreamweaver, open it by choosing Window⇨Assets. The Assets panel groups on‐screen with the Files panel when the Files panel is in Collapsed view.

The Assets panel has several categories, represented by buttons in the left margin. (See Figure 6-7 .) The categories (from top to bottom) are

  • Images: Lists all the JPEGS, GIFs, and PNGs within the site.

  • Colors: Shows color chips and the hexadecimal code for the colors used on the site.

  • URLs: Lists the pages and URLs your site is linked to. You can quickly make links in your documents by highlighting the text or item you'd like to be the link, and dragging the desired link onto the highlighted element in your Document window.

  • Flash: Lists all .swf files, which are different from the Shockwave files. If you want to use images or Flash pieces, click the Flash button on the vertical toolbar and drag the item from the list to the place in the Design view window you'd like to place it.

  • Shockwave: Lists multimedia created using Adobe Director. Flash files are sometimes referred to as Shockwave, but they aren't really Shockwave; they're Flash.

  • Movies: Lists all movie files that don't fit on the Flash or Shockwave tabs, such as QuickTime.

  • Scripts: Lists all the external scripts, such as JavaScript files, that are on your site.

  • Template: Lists the Dreamweaver templates you've built.

  • Library: Lists the library items you've created for the site.

    Figure 6-7: The Assets panel showing the Templates category.



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