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Chapter 6. Using Dreamweaver: Advanced T... > Creating a page using a template

Creating a page using a template

After you create your own template for site building, creating a page with it is easy; just follow these steps:

  1. Choose File⇨New.

  2. On the Templates tab of the New Document dialog box that opens, select the name of your site from the Templates For list.

    Select the template you'd like to use. (You can create as many as you'd like.)

  3. Enable the Update when Template Changes check box.

    This allows you to make changes to just the template, and Dreamweaver changes all the pages that were created using the template. The benefit of this functionality is that you can build pages that allow other users to change the main content of a page but protect the banner and navigation areas from unauthorized edits. If edits need to be made, make them in the template, and the rest of the pages are updated, too.

  4. Click Create.

Dreamweaver templates also work with Contribute, so you can build a site in Dreamweaver but supply Contribute to individuals who need to make regular changes to text or pictures. The combination of these two programs helps you protect your site from unauthorized changes or unintentional mistakes that break the pages while giving you the ability to hand off routine maintenance to nontechnical members of a team. Figure 6-4 shows what areas of a page would need to be editable on the average page. Notice how much of the page can have a consistent look protected by noneditable regions.

Figure 6-4: Most of this page is protected from edits, which helps maintain consistency while sharing the workload of general updates.



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