Web Design in a Nutshell contains the nitty-gritty on everything you need to know to design Web pages. It's the good stuff, without the fluff, written and organized so that answers can be found quickly. Written by veteran Web designer Jennifer Niederst, this book provides quick access to the wide range of front-end technologies and techniques from which Web designers and authors must draw.

It is an excellent reference for HTML 4.0 tags (including tables, frames, and Cascading Style Sheets) with special attention given to browser support and platform idiosyncrasies. The HTML section is more than a reference work, though. It details strange behavior in tables, for instance, and gives ideas and workarounds for using tables and frames on your site. Web Design in a Nutshell also covers multimedia and interactivity, audio and video, and emerging technologies like Dynamic HTML, XML, embedded fonts, and internationalization.

The book includes:

  • Discussions of the Web environment, monitors, and browsers

  • A complete reference to HTML and Server Side Includes, including browser support for every tag and attribute

  • Chapters on creating GIF, JPEG and PNG graphics, including designing with the Web Palette

  • Information on multimedia and interactivity, including audio, video, Flash, Shockwave, and JavaScript

  • Detailed tutorial and reference on Cascading Style Sheets, including an appendix of browser compatibility information

  • Appendices detailing HTML tags, attributes, deprecated tags, proprietary tags, and CSS compatibility

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