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15.7. Apache:: Modules

Apache::Registry is the most commonly used mod_perl module. But there are many more, all available on CPAN. Table 15.1 lists the Apache::* modules and which handler they're designed to be used with, but you should also check the apache-modlist.html file on CPAN for the very latest listing.

Table 15.1. Apache::Modules
Apache::CallHandlerMap filenames to subroutine calls 
Apache::DirControl directory indexing 
Apache::EmbperlEmbed Perl code in HTML files 
Apache::ePerlEmbedded Perl (ePerl) emulation 
Apache::FTPEmulate an FTP proxy 
Apache::GzipChainCompresse output from another handler 
Apache::JavaScriptGenerate JavaScript code 
Apache::OutputChainChain multiple handlers via "filter" modules 
Apache::PassFileSend files via OutputChain 
Apache::RegistryRun unaltered CGI scripts 
Apache::RobotRulesEnforce robots.txt rules 
Apache::SandwichAdd per-directory headers and footers 
Apache::VhostSandwichAdd headers and footers for virtual hosts 
Apache::SSIImplement server side includes in Perl 
Apache::StageManage a document staging directory 
Apache::WDBQuery databases via DBI 
Apache::AgentDenyDeny abusive clients 
Apache::AuthenAuthenticate users 
Apache::AuthCookieAuthenticate and authorize users via cookies 
Apache::AuthenDBIAuthenticate via Perl's DBI 
Apache::AuthExpireExpire authentication credentials 
Apache::AuthenGSSAuthenticate users with Generic Security Service 
Apache::AuthenLDAPAuthenticate users with LDAP 
Apache::AuthNISAuthenticate users with NIS 
Apache::BasicCookieAuthAccept cookie or basic authentication credentials 
Apache::DBILoginAuthenticate using a backend database 
Apache::DCELoginAuthenticate within a DCE login context 
Apache::AuthAnyAuthenticate with any username/password 
Apache::AuthCookieAuthenticate and authorize via cookies 
Apache::AuthzAgeAuthorize based on age 
Apache::AuthzDCEAuthorize based on DFS/DCE ACL 
Apache::AuthzDBIAuthorize groups via DBI 
Apache::AuthNISAuthenticate and authorize via NIS 
Apache::RoleAuthzRole-based authorization 
Apache::AccessLimitNumLimit user access by the number of requests 
Apache::DayLimitLimit access based on the day of the week 
Apache::RobotLimitLimit access of robots 
Apache::AcceptLanguageSend file types based on user's language preference 
Apache::DynaRPCTranslate URIs into RPCs 
Apache::JunctionMount remote web-server namespace 
Apache::LowerCaseGETsTranslate to lowercase URIs as needed 
Apache::MsqlProxyTranslate URIs into mSQL queries 
Apache::ProxyPassThruSkeleton for vanilla proxy 
Apache::ProxyCacheCaching proxy 
Apache::HttpEquivConvert HTML HTTP-EQUIV tags to HTTP headers 
Apache::TimeitBenchmark Perl handlers 
Apache::DumpHeadersDisplay HTTP transaction headers 
Apache::TrafficLog the number of bytes transferred on a per-user basis 
Apache::WatchDogLook for problematic URIs 
Apache::ResourceLimit resources used by httpd children 
Server Configuration  
Apache::ConfigLDAPConfigure server via LDAP and <Perl> sections 
Apache::ConfigDBIConfigure server via DBI and <Perl> sections 
Apache::ModuleConfigInterface to configuration API 
Apache::PerlSectionsUtilities for <Perl> sections 
Apache::httpd_confMethods to configure and run an httpd 
Apache::srcMethods for finding and reading bits of source 
Apache::DBIManage persistent DBI connections 
Apache::SybaseManage persistent DBlib connections 
Apache::MysqlManage persistent mysql connections 
Interfaces and Integration with Various Apache C Modules  
Apache::ConstantsConstants defined in httpd.h 
Apache::IncludeEnable use of Apache::Registry scripts within SSI with mod_include 
Apache::GlobalGive access to server global variables 
Apache::LogErrorGive an interface to aplog_error 
Apache::LogFileGive an interface to Apache's piped logs, etc. 
Apache::MimeGive an interface to mod_mime functionality 
Apache::ModuleGive an interface to Apache C module structures 
Apache::OptionsImport Apache::Constants "options" 
Apache::ScoreboardGive an interface to scoreboard API 
Apache::ServletGive an interface to the Java Servlet engine 
Apache::SfioGive an interface to r->connection->client->sf* 
Development and Debug Tools 
Apache::DebugProvide debugging utilities to mod_perl
Apache::DProfHook Devel::DProf into mod_perl
Apache::FakeRequestImplement Apache methods offline
Apache::PeekEmulate Devel::Peek for mod_perl
Apache::SawAmpersandMake sure no one is using $&, $', or $`
Apache::StatINCReloads used or required files when updated
Apache::StatusGet information about loaded modules
Apache::SymbolSupport symbols
Apache::testDefine handy routines for make test scripts
Apache::ByterunRun Perl bytecode modules
Apache::MmapShare data via Mmap module
Apache::PersistentStore data via IPC::, DBI, or disk
Apache::PUTHandler for the HTTP PUT method
Apache::RegistryLoaderApache::Registry startup script loader
Apache::SafeAdaptation of safecgiperl
Apache::SessionMaintain client <-> httpd session/state
Apache::SIGSignal handlers for mod_perl
Apache::StatePowerful state engine



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