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Chapter 18. Animation, Interactivity, an... > Integrating Video - Pg. 384

Animation, Interactivity, and Rich Media Here's a simple example illustrating one way to apply a theme: 1. 2. 384 Create or open an FLA with a ComboBox component in it. I use the calendar that was created in the previous section. Save the file under a new name. I'll use calendar2.fla here. Go to the First Run\ComponentFLA directory. For example, in a typical English-language Win- dows installation, this is C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\en\First Run\ComponentFLA Open SampleTheme.fla and save it under a new name. I'll use theme1.fla. Drag a ComboBox component onto the Stage in theme1.fla. 3. 4. 5. In the theme1.fla Library, open the following hierarchy of folders: Flash UI Components 2, Themes, MMDefault, ComboBox Assets, States. Here you can find the movieclips for the arrow that you click to expand the ComboBox. 6. Double-click on ComboDownArrowDown to edit it. This movieclip is the skin. 7. On the Stage, double-click on the arrow to open the SymDownArrow movieclip for editing. 8. Use the Paint Bucket tool to change the color of the down arrow and save theme1.fla. 9. Drag the Flash UI Components 2 folder from the theme1.fla Library to the calendar2.fla Library. 10. Test calendar2.fla. Any ComboBox in calendar2.fla displays the new color that you assigned in theme1.fla. Dragging the Flash UI Components 2 folder into your Library makes the calendar2.fla much bigger. However, Flash uses only what it needs for the SWF, so there is not a comparable increase in the size of the SWF.