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Part: VII Appendixes > The Microphone Class

The Microphone Class

Table A.20. Microphone Methods
getMicrophone.get([index ])Returns a default or specified audio stream, or null if no microphone is available.
setGainmyMicrophone.setGain(gain )Specifies the amount by which the microphone should boost the signal, from 0 to 100.
setRatemyMicrophone.setRate(kHz )Specifies the rate at which the microphone should capture sound, in kHz.
setSilenceLevelmyMicrophone.setSilenceLevel(level [,timeout ])Specifies the sound level (from 0 to 100) required to activate the microphone. Optionally also sets timeout, specifying milliseconds of inactivity before Flash invokes Microphone.onActivity(false). The default value is 2000 (2 seconds). The default value of level is 10.
setUseEchoSuppressionmyMicrophone.setUseEchoSuppression (suppress)suppress is a Boolean that specifies whether to use the echo suppression feature of the audio codec.

Table A.21. Microphone Attributes
myMicrophone.activityLevelThe amount of sound the microphone detects, from 0 to 100.
myMicrophone.gainThe amount by which the microphone boosts the signal before transmitting it, from 0 to 100. The default is 50.
myMicrophone.indexThe index of the current microphone.
myMicrophone.mutedA Boolean value that specifies whether the user has allowed or denied access to the microphone.
myMicrophone.nameThe name of the current sound capture device, as returned by the sound capture hardware.
Microphone.namesA class property, an array of strings containing the names of all available sound capture devices, including sound cards and microphones.
myMicrophone.rateThe sound capture rate, in kHz.



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