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Chapter 1. Introducing GoLive 6.0 > Going Live - Pg. 12

Introducing GoLive 6.0 Best of luck. 12 Going Live Throughout this book, you'll find sections like this at the end of each chapter where we humbly endeavor to provide some real-world advice for using the features just discussed. If you're having trouble, at least one of the authors has probably been in your shoes before, and we make a point any time we encounter a pitfall into which you may have tumbled. Perhaps the best "real-world advice" to heap upon you at this stage is to reiterate the suggestions from the Troubleshooting section. No GoLive user is alone, and if you're having difficulty figuring out how to make something work, start by knowing that there is a way and somebody else has probably already figured it out. If you can't find any helpful reference in Adobe's online help, the documentation, or this book, you almost certainly will in an Internet mailing list or forum. A good place to start is Adobe's own Community section at main.html. Or just go to your favorite Web search engine and look for "golive help", "golive discus- sions", "golive mailing list", or some such resource. I promise you will find all the help you can use. So without further ado, let us dive headlong into the pool of Adobe GoLive 6.