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About Forms

Online forms have become an extremely popular method of interaction between server and client, for several obvious reasons:

  • Because the Web never sleeps, online forms allow the flow of information to continue at any time of day or night. This means convenience for the sender as well as added efficiency for the receiver of the form.

  • Online forms provide instant feedback from anywhere in the world, freeing users from reliance on transportation and the time requirements of snail mail.

  • Online forms eliminate the extra staffing requirements, expenditures, and assorted hassles that accompany traditional customer service methods such as telemarketing or direct mailing.

  • Online forms cut costs and save valuable resources by reducing paper wastes.

  • Online forms mean increased accuracy in the data itself, since it’s entered directly by the user and doesn’t need to be transcribed or re-entered by a third party.

  • Online forms can feed information directly into electronic databases, where it can be efficiently stored, accessed, organized, and updated, searched and sorted, duplicated, and protected.

  • Online forms can be created dynamically, which means they can be customized and personalized for a particular user or purpose. This not only adds to the customer’s satisfaction; it benefits the company by cutting costs plus providing valuable market research information.

  • Through careful wording and the use of properly planned menu selections, online forms can help edit and organize information, channeling it to the appropriate offices and serving as an excellent introduction or point of reference when follow-up service is required.

  • Online forms can take advantage of images, audio, video, animation, and virtually any type of multimedia available on the Web. Again this leads to higher customer satisfaction, can eliminate confusion, and can even save time since users can simply point and click on icons rather than type all the necessary information.

  • Online forms can provide customer service directly, by leading users to particular places within your Web site or elsewhere online.



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