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Once again, our media development team has worked with the author to determine what third-party software would provide you with the most significant value as a Director developer.

  • Macromedia's Director 8.5 30-Day Trial edition. Director is the industry standard in creating dynamic multimedia presentations and applications. In its latest version, Macromedia has combined synergy with the Internet to its already powerful software to create the ultimate development tool!

  • Viscosity 1.5 Trial Edition by Sonic Foundry. Viscosity is an affordable Windows-based software package that creates and edits bitmap-based graphics, animations, and digitized video frames. This complete set of image-editing tools is essential for perfecting animation and video sequences for the Web, multimedia CD-ROMs, and video games.

  • Adobe's PhotoShop 6 Tryout Version. Adobe's latest version of its excellent image editor. Use advanced design features such as layers and various effects to create high-quality graphics for use in projects and applications.

  • Aladdin FlashBack 1.130 Trial Edition. Aladdin Flashback provides unlimited Undos for any application with instant access to all previous versions of a document. With FlashBack, users can create, compose, edit, and save documents in any application without fear of losing their work.

  • FastSplash by Britton Smith. What FastSplash does is display a bitmap splash screen and launches your application. You can have FastSplash check the Registry to see whether your application has been installed and run your installer program, if needed. Either way, FlashSplash will automatically quit.

  • Moho 2.7 Limited Demonstration. Lost Marble's Moho is a 2D vector-based cartoon animation application. Moho provides the complete set of tools you need to create an animation, from drawing and painting to keyframe animation, and multilayer compositing and final output of QuickTime, AVI, and Flash movie files.



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