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Creating a Matching Game

Making a Drawing Activity

Creating Overlays

Creating a Geography Quiz

Creating Standardized Tests

Source movies for this chapter can be found on the CD-ROM in the “Book Movies” folder under folder 27.

Using a single Director command, function, or property is easy for novice and advanced users alike. However, putting syntax together to make a useful program is a much harder task.

This chapter, and the chapters that follow, give examples of typical types of programs created with Director. An overview of each program is given, followed by the Lingo required to put it together. All this code, and in fact a complete demonstration movie, is included on the CD-ROM that accompanies this book. To get the most out of these chapters, look at the movie on the CD-ROM to see how the Lingo code, Score, Cast, and Stage all work together.

This first applications chapter focuses on educational programs. Five typical programs were selected. The first is a simple matching game in which users must click and drag items on the right to items on the left. The second is a drawing program that gives users the opportunity to create their own artwork. The third program is a simple example of using Lingo to turn on and off overlay sprites such as transparent overlays in a textbook. The fourth program is a geography quiz, in which users must answer questions by clicking a map. The last program simulates a standardized test.



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