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  • When you upload a Director movie, make sure you are using the binary setting on your FTP program. Using the ASCII setting results in an invalid file at the other end.

  • If you upload a Shockwave file to a server for the first time, test it with Netscape. The server may not have the proper MIME types set to allow Netscape to know that a .dcr is a Shockwave movie. A MIME type is an identifier for a file on a server. If there is a problem, search the Macromedia site for “MIME” to find information that you can send to your server's administrator to add the Shockwave MIME type.

  • If you are trying to use JavaScript communication, be sure to test your movie on all browsers and versions that you expect your audience to use. It is a lot of work, but there is no other way to ensure that all browsers will handle your commands correctly.

  • When using preference files, you should always use the .txt suffix. Using another suffix is considered a security problem by Shockwave and an error message will be shown to users.

  • When a movie attempts to get text from a different server with getNetText, a security alert appears. To avoid this alert, place both text and the movie on the same server and use a relative pathname.

  • In the past, using a target with gotoNetPage sometimes did not work in Microsoft Internet Explorer if the gotoNetPage command was issued by an on exitFrame handler or a handler called by an on exitFrame handler. Test to make sure your targets work in Internet Explorer; if they don't, use on mouseUp handlers instead.

  • For most developers, using Perl scripts means either controlling your own Web server so that you can create any type of Perl scripts you want, or contacting the Internet service provider who hosts your site/domain to find out what you are allowed to do.

  • Using Perl scripts can be frustrating if you have never used them before. You can test your Perl scripts by typing the CGI calls in your browser. Do this to confirm that they work before trying to use Shockwave movies to call them.

  • Make sure you preload external media files into the user's cache with preloadNetThing before setting the filename property of a member to a new file. If the file is not ready in the user's cache, the new media will probably not replace the old.



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