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Part XI: Appendixes > clone 3D, Models - Pg. 871

LINGO REFERENCE 871 clone 3D, Models Command Creates an identical copy of a model in the same place. It shares the model resource, shaders, and textures with the original model. sprite(1).member.model("my model").clone("my new model") See Also: cloneDeep, cloneModelFromCastMember cloneDeep 3D, Models Command Creates a copy of a model, like the clone command, but also makes a copy of the model resources used and any children of the model. sprite(1).member.model("my model").cloneDeep("my new model") See Also: clone, cloneModelFromCastMember cloneModelFromCastmember 3D, Models Command Makes a copy of a model from another member inside the current member. Same as cloneDeep. sprite(1).member.cloneModelFromCastmember("my new model", "my old model", member("old model member")) See Also: clone, loadFile cloneMotionFromCastmember 3D, Animation Command Makes a copy of a motion from another cast member. sprite(1).member.cloneMotionFromCastmember("my new motion", "my old motion", member("old model member")) close MIAW Command Hides a MIAW. The MIAW is still there; you need to use forget to really get rid of it. on mouseUp close window ("myWindow") end See Also: open , forget See Chapter/Appendix: 24